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Crab legs

When it comes to eating crab, you must first learn how to crack crab legs. Even though this process may look to be easy enough, the fact is that cracking crab legs is an art form that requires practice and patience.

If you are trying to learn to crack crab legs, try the following:

• First, grab the crab legs at their base, right at the area where the legs connect with the rest of the body of the crab.

• Next, you need to remember to be gentle as you slowly twist the base of the crab leg and pull it away from the crab’s body. Repeat this process for each leg one leg at a time.

If you have a king crab that you want to try to crack open, you will need to follow a bit of a different process because the shells of king crabs can be as rigid as the shells of lobsters. This is why a lobster cracker might be better for breaking open crab legs of a king crab.

These lobster crackers are V-shaped and they work by placing the crab legs inside of the two tongs and then simply squeezing them together. The pressure breaks the crab legs and allows you to remove the meat and eat it.

You may also want to use a picker in order to get the meat out of the crab legs. Often simply opening the crab legs is just the first step and getting the meat out is a whole new chore, but a picker can help you with this process.