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Lobster tails

It is a good thing for everyone (except for the lobster) that lobster tails are so delicious, because if they weren’t, nobody would ever take the time to eat them. The fact is that it requires a bit of work in order to be able to eat lobster tails, but most people find that the work is well worth it.

Although there are different methods to eating lobster tails, one of the most popular methods includes the use of a fork. This process includes the following steps:

• Grab the body of the lobster with your right hand and the lobster tails with your left hand. Begin to twist the tail in a back-and-forth motion until it breaks off.

• Decide what to do with the tomalley. The tomalley is the yellowish stuff that comes out of the section where the tail and body meet. Although some people find this to be bitter, there are others who like how it tastes. Most people will simply shake out the tomalley and focus on the lobster tails.

• Remove the fin at the tip of the tail by twisting it off. After you have done this, place your fork into the hole that is left in the area where you removed the fin. Some restaurants give you special forks to do this, but any fork will work.

• Push the fork all of the way through the lobster tails. Try not to jam the fork through the shells, because this will cause the meat to not be able to come out as cleanly at the other side of the tail.