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Because people often like to eat shrimp, it is important that you know how to buy the best shrimp for dinner parties and other occasions. Follow these steps to get shrimp that your guests will love:

• Avoid the shrimp that has already been pealed and de-veined. The reason for this is because this means that the shrimp has already been frozen. Because it has been frozen and then thawed, the shrimp is less fresh.

• The best shrimp usually has a full shell on it that has not been stripped off. Likewise, it should have firm white meat. Look at the shrimp to make sure that it does not have any black spots or rings on it, unless you are buying tiger shrimp. Black spots typically indicate that the meat is not fresh. It is also wise to avoid pink and yellow meat. Just remember that white meat is best.

• Pay careful attention to the aroma or smell that comes from the shrimp. If the shrimp smells like anything other than salt water, you may want to go with another kind of meat.

• When purchasing “jumbo” shrimp, it is best to remember that this term can be kind of ambiguous. There are no real guidelines when it comes to applying this term to shrimp. In general, the larger shrimp are typically more expensive, but this does not mean that they are going to taste better or be of a better quality. It is easier to prepare a pound of jumbo shrimp than a pound of smaller shrimp simply because there will be less of them.