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When most people think about seafood, the first thing that comes to their minds is fish. Even though there are many different edible types of fish, it is always good to expand your horizons to other types of seafood.

Some of the other types of seafood that you can eat that are not fish include:

• Eel – For some people, the word “eel” is enough for them to run away from the dinner table. The best way to eat eel is to try it small bites at a time. It is usually pretty good in sushi where it is cut up into smaller pieces.

• Lobster – Lobster is one type of seafood that can give fish a run for its money as one of the most popular types of seafood. Lobster certainly is delicious, but it also can be expensive – especially the tails. Lobsters are delicious, but fish are more economical.

• Crab – One kind of dish that is similar to lobster is crab. Crab is also delicious, but not as expensive. Crab is a tasty dish that can be mashed up and made into crab cakes or cut up and be added to crab salad. Crab is a dish that people eat in about the same way that they eat lobster. Usually crab (and lobster) is best served with a bowl of butter that people can dip the crab meat into.

Regardless of what kind of seafood you eat, fish is always a possibility – as are the other options mentioned above.