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Seafood recipes

When following any kinds of seafood recipes, there are likely to be a few things that most recipes would have in common. When cooking seafood, it is best to typically follow the rules listed here:

• Use fresh ingredients – When using fresh ingredients while cooking seafood recipes, you are doing something that will likely help to ensure that the recipe will turn out the way that you want it to. If you are buying shellfish, it is usually best that you use these for your seafood recipes when they are still alive.

• Do it quick – If you are hoping to really utilize the fresh seafood that you have in your seafood recipes, it is best that you decide to cook it within 24 hours of the time you purchase it. If you are using seafood that has been frozen, thaw it immediately before you cook it. Cooking seafood on the grill can be delicious. Take a look at BigDaddysBBQ.com for more tips.

• Do not do extra to prepare lobsters – The fact is that if your seafood recipes call for lobster, there is very little extra work that you need to do on the lobster while preparing it. While preparing lobsters, simply boil the water and drop the lobsters in head first.

• If your seafood recipes call for crab, you will want to steam them. You can tell when crabs are done because their shells should turn a bright red color. Crabs are similar to lobsters in that there is not a lot of extra preparation needed for these items.

• Steam mussels – Like crabs, mussels should also be steamed if seafood recipes call for them. They should typically be cooked for about 2-3 minutes in a covered pan.